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The Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc. is a volunteer run, professional association for practitioners (people working in and around the field) of Bush Adventure Therapy. Each year we hold a gathering to share skills, knowledge and stories of our work and practice. Rather than call it a ‘conference’ which implies a one-way receiving of expert knowledge from presenters, we call our event a ‘forum’, which, from its Greek origins refers to a space akin to a marketplace where people come together to exchange goods. Everyone present has and brings to the forum their particular skills, knowledge, ideas and perspectives that make the field of Bush Adventure Therapy rich and diverse in Australia.

It was with this idea in mind that we sought out and found Grantville Lodge. Grantville Lodge provided an ideal location for such a space to be created. The combination of bush, accommodation, spaces for running session, views over Westernport Bay and friendly staff made it very easy for everyone attending to step away from the bustle of their day to day lives. It was easy for us all to draw out the learning, nourishment and relationships that the forum offers.


Often people hear about Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) and ask what it is all about? It is hard to describe because it is a truly multi-disciplinary field and what is true for a program running in Victoria may be different for a program running in the remote Kimberly region of Western Australia.

One way of describing BAT is to say…

Bush Adventure Therapy is:

• an intentional use of adventure and outdoor environments for therapeutic outcomes
• an ecological approach to human health and wellbeing
• a diverse field of practice in Australia

If you are interested to find out more about BAT and the association you can visit our website or email us at Our website will be offline sporadically over the next two months as we are renovating it. We will be offering training or PD events later in the year so get in touch or join our emailing list if you are at all interested.

Many thanks to Belinda and the staff at Grantville Lodge!

Ben Knowles
Committee Chair

Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc.
110 Studley Park Drive, Kew, Victoria 3101


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