Families “Take a Break” From Rebuilding

By February 19, 2013News

Families in the North Eastern region of Victoria are still feeling the affects of the devastating floods of early 2012. Many still waiting on insurance to rebuild their houses and get their lives back together.

UC Camping, in partnership with the Share Appeal, continue to support families facing difficult times as a result of their situation. In September 2012 and January 2013 UC Camping were able to offer 20 families the opportunity to rest, relax and “Take a Break” from their current situations.

One family attending the January camp at Merricks Lodge shared their story with us. With many photos of the rising waters we were really able to understand the extent of what these families had been through. Tirelessly working together to save their homes, furniture, children’s toys and expensive farm equipment from the rising floodwaters. Stacking furniture on tables, chairs and drawers, packing sand bags for hours on end and then just waiting. It was days before the water reached its peak and they described the helpless feeling of slowly watching the water rise and not knowing if they had done enough.

This family was lucky enough to escape the floodwaters soaking the inside of their home but their daughter and family on the property next door were not so lucky. After all the effort they put in to save their home from the muddy waters, when the flood reached its peak, their home was inundated with half a metre of brown river water. Many of their belongings ruined, their home needing to be striped from floors to cupboards, doors and halfway up the walls.

We wish all families affected by natural disasters and faced with hardship in their lives the best. We hope to continue to offer opportunities to as many families as possible to “Take a Break” and continue this great work with support and donations from local communities and generous people across the state.

If you, your organization or anyone you know would like more information regarding opportunities to support, donate or be supported by the “Take a Break” team please visit the Share Community Appeal website at http://shareappeal.org.au/ or get in touch with Paul Baker on paul@uccamping.org.au.


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