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Adekate Lodge Creswick has a long-standing relationship with the Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community. The group is based in Melbourne and runs a number of retreats, workshops, meditation sessions and other community events throughout the year.

The Community books Adekate Lodge Creswick for one of their three seven day retreats for the year. The seven-day retreats provide a period of concentrated Zen practice, conducted mostly in silence. The Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community welcomes newcomers with an interest in Zen meditation and practice in daily life. For more information about the community and events check their website.

“The Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community has been running retreats at Adekate Lodge Creswick for over ten years. Three times a year we travel to Adekate to conduct 7 day, silent meditation retreats. Our Zen Buddhist retreats are based on a tradition that goes back to thirteenth century Japanese monastic practice. We get up at 4am and spend the day in silent meditation, engaging in Buddhist teachings and training in Buddhist practices. Part of daily life at retreat is cooking all our meals and keeping the grounds and buildings clean and tidy.

The arrangement of the separate buildings at Adekate is a good approximation of the separate buildings that form a traditional temple complex. It suits our purposes well to have separate buildings for the meditation hall, kitchen and separate sleeping accommodation for men and women. With this arrangement, the busy practice of the kitchen does not disturb the silent practice of the meditation hall or the resting practice of the dormitories. As much of our day at retreat is spent in silent meditation the quiet surrounds of Adekate suit us very well. We do have personal time in our schedule and many of our participants enjoy going for a walk in the beautiful bush land nearby. Rob and Rose always have the camp in great condition, ready for our arrival and are very responsive to any problems or queries we have throughout our stay. We look forward to continuing our visits to Adekate for many retreats into the future.”

Words by Naomi Richards

Treasurer, Committee of Management

Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community Inc.


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