Thanks Adekate!

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Dear staff of Camp Adekate,

Our names are Priya, Cassie and Chiara we are from Sherbourne Primary School. We are writing this letter to say thank you for a great time at camp Adekate! The food was absolutely delicious and we are 100% sure that everyone loved it! Our favourite activities were canoeing, bush cooking, climbing wall and initiatives but the other activities were fantastic too.

We loved that there was a variety of things to do at Camp.

We rate camp Adekate a 9.5/10.

This was one of our favourite school camps. Thank you so much for putting your time and effort to make this camp fantastic,

We were very happy campers!  🙂

From Priya, Cassie and Chiara
Sherbourne Primary School

Dear Camp Adekate

Camp Adekate is the best camp I have ever been on! 

All of the activities were great; I liked how all of them were related to the bush.  They were all so fun.

The food was delicious- I am vegetarian and the food you provided was the best.

All of you (the staff) were all so kind and encouraging!

I would defiantly go back to Camp Adekate.

Thank you so much for having us and for such a great experience!

From Ella JJJ (The loud one)
Sherbourne Primary School

The ropes course was lots of fun. Everyone worked together to get through all of the activities. Rob was very nice and helpful. Todd was really good at all of the activities.Dear Camp Adekate

Sherbourne Primary School

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